Sunday, March 29, 2009

The story teller takes all!

The Peoples Choice award for the CS virtual crop went to a layout that Sabrina did as part of a journaling challenge. It is a great layout about the BRD gene that manifests itself in the desire to eat BREAD. I could relate on many levels and fear I may have this same gene lurking in my DNA. One of my fondest memories of a trip to London in college is hanging out with a friend who had graduated a year earlier, munching on a loaf of crusty bread and chunk of cheese exploring some little corner of London. I couldn't tell you what corner of London that was but I can tell you that was one awesome loaf of bread.

I digress-bread will do that to me. I love stories about the little things in our lives that give it character and shape our world. Last year's Peoples Choice winner was also a LO that was created as part of a journaling challenge. There aren't usually too many people that actually DO the journaling challenge, but I think I will ALWAYS include one because when someone sits down and spends the time to recount those little memories, you can't help but be drawn in.

So, here's my funny little story from my life. The kids didn't have school on Friday so I took them to the Naples Zoo. We left early, stopped at Dunkin Donuts, and were in the zoo by 9:30. There weren't too many people there yet and some of the animals weren't even out of their cages. At least the Tigers weren't-so we headed to the next exhibit which is the lions. The lion was perched on the top of his rock and the lioness was stretched out on the ledge beneath him. We stood at the fence watching and he got up and walked toward the edge of the cage (about 10 feet in front of the fence we were standing at). We were thinking-cool-come over and let us get a good look at you. Then, he turned his back and SPRAYED us. In case you're wondering how far a lion can spray-it's the distance between his cage and our viewing fence. I'm guessing it was about 12 feet or so. Just ask Emily-she caught a splash on her leg. She handled it well and it was the joke of the weekend. How many people can say they've been sprayed by a lion? It was so gross-thank goodness it was covered in laughter and only added to our day.

So, the next time you're heading to the zoo-watch out for those big cats!

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