Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another VC comes to a close

Well, sort of. The last challenge for the Project Scrapway! virtual crop was posted this morning but I've given everyone until midnight on Wed. to post their creations. I'll pull the doorprize winners tomorrow and then we will vote on the Peoples Choice award at the end of the week. It will be intersting to see which LO will take home the vote this year.

We had a conference yesterday in Ft. Myers on childrens ministry. It was the first time for this event and what a great start. Over 220 people from 17 different churches coming together to share about ministering to children. WOW! I know I walked out feeling refreshed and renewed about my time with the prescoolers. And had some great new ideas about how to engage them. Nothing like being able to take what you learn and put it to the test-because today was my Sunday. We sang the "finger on the wall" song as we walked to worship and played "Jesus Loves....You" (instead of duck, duck, goose.) Sometimes the fourth Sunday of the month is a little wonky and sometimes we are without a worship leader and a storyteller. But not today! Sam (who is 12) is now leading the worship and music and Misty is our storyteller. And they both did a GREAT job.

Oh, and I got a fun new T-shirt yesterday. And one of my preschoolers came in wearing the same shirt today. Lime green. And it says "Jesus Rocks." I think it's going to be my Sunday school shirt for a while. I debated about the "God is Good" shirt-which is how Grace Place begins every week-but I really liked the lime green. Maybe there is a scrapbook page in that-somewhere.

One of the challenges for the crop was to use paper from the manufacturer that you have the MOST. Well, that would be Basic Grey for me-I have a lot that would tie for second place but BG is one I've been collecting for YEARS. Not really USING-but collecting. Well, here's a LO I did with their Color Me Silly collection. The photo is Emily at Christmas with an art board she opened.

Have a good week and remember JESUS ROCKS!

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  1. What a great blog! Love the Color Me LO, we really must be thinking alike! Check out my blog!