Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break

The first week of spring break has come to a close and the kids have today and tomorrow off before heading back to school on Wednesday. Rick's parents were here for a short visit and the weather was really cool while they were in town. So, no beach visits or swimming but we did play some mini-golf and rode the go carts at Mike Greenwells. Lots of Uno and Go Fish-and lots of happy dances every time Emily won (which was most of the time). And Craig won the Monopoly Game-he cleaned up with those four railroads this time. After we dropped Grandma and Grandpa off at the airport on Thursday, we made a trip to Build a Bear (part of Emily's birthday present).

We had our Easter Egg hunt at church on Saturday and then Emily's birthday party Saturday night. Just a note on that. If you are going to give 15 kids water blasters, you'd better be ready to get wet and be a good sport about it. They had a good time splashing and did manage to leave a little water in the pool.

We had a quiet Easter. Church and Sunday school followed by a lazy afternoon. Here are some photos from the last week before we head up towards Tampa to meet some friends from Ohio today.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cub Scout Night

Yep, another Thursday is upon us and that means it's Cub Scout night. My sister, Jennifer, told me a while back to start saving empty frosting containers because they are great for a little Easter craft for the boys. So, I have them lined up on my kitchen counter and I'm not sure what she had in mind for them. But that's okay, becuase we're going to use them to make bunnies. (Unless she calls with a better idea before we leave). We're going to cover them with cottonballs, add some wiggly eyes, pipe cleaner wiskers, ears and a tail and call it good.

Then we're going to search for little chocolate eggs to put in them. Come on, how many plastic eggs do you think you can fit in a frosting container-so we're going small. Plus, it will be fun to see if they can change the scope of what they are looking for. It makes me think of playing the find the thimble game when I was young. There are LOTS of places in a room to hide a thimble-and those little chocolate eggs are about the same size.

Photo added of the kids with their little bunnies getting ready to find some very little eggs.