Thursday, February 19, 2009

Time to Tidy Up

My parents and sister will be arriving in a week and a half and it's time to tidy up this place. We went camping with the Cub Scouts last weekend and I still have camping gear all over the place. It felt like I did a ton of laundry on Monday but there's a new pile I'm trying to get through today. I've mowed the lawn and been to the grocery store (trying to stock up and have an idea of meals while everyone is here). Here are some of the things I'm thinking of for meals:

Prime Rib (in the freezer and ready to prepare)
Pork Loin (in the freezer-need to decide how we want to fix it)
Turkey (yep, that too is in the freezer)
Meatballs (in the freezer and we can have them as subs or with spaghetti)
Chicken Parm (haven't made in a while and need to get ingredients)
Chicken Wings (need to find my favorite sauce and haven't seen it in a while)

I'm sure we'll grill some too:
brats and hot dogs
fish-maybe Rick and Dad will catch some while they're here

Not sure what else I'll come up with. Heck, I'm not sure what we're having for dinner tonight.

I need to get the guest bedroom cleaned out-again. It seems to be the great dumping ground for everything. I've found some good birthday presents for future parties that I need to find a home for. They are laying in there and the kids may decide they should claim them as their own if I don't get the put away soon.

I need to run to the post office after I get the kids at the bus stop. There's a nice box of goodies I have ready to go to Shannon. I know she'll be excited to get some new scrapbooking supplies. I know how depressing it was when I first moved here and didn't know where the good scrapbooking stores were. I did make a dent in my stash that winter-but now I've gone the other way and have been adding to it. It's alwyas fun to have something new.

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