Monday, February 23, 2009

Manic Monday

Today's to-do list feels a tad bit long. Criag qualified for the full-time gifted program and it is only offered at three schools in our zone. So, today I need to try and make some sense out of our options, visit schools and then go to the school choice office to get paper work submitted. The task is complicated by the fact that I also need to decide if Emily will transfer schools along with Craig or stay at Hancock Creek.

I haven't made much progress on cleaning up the guest bedroom. And Monday is the day I strip the beds and try to attack the laundry pile. But before I go off on my little frenzy of things to do, I just need to share how awesome God is. A year ago, I took a class at church and met Kristen. We also worked together during VBS over the summer. Well, starting Labor Day weekend, she was having severe headaches. Since that time, it was discovered she had a tuomr in her sinus cavity and she did chemo and radition therapy. That didn't help and two weeks ago, Kristen had brain surgery to get access to the sinus cavity. Pretty scarry stuff-kind of like our own episode of Grey's Anatomy. The surgery went as planned and Kristen came home over the weekend. She enjoyed the day yesterday watching her children play (they are 1, 4 and 5). So yes, I think God is pretty awesome. We have been praying for Kristen and continue to do so. Prayers for good pathology reports-that they got all of the cancer-and that she continues to heal and has no infection. Praise good, for He is good!

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