Sunday, October 18, 2009

AHHHH, it's fall!

I know that my friends and family who are up north may not be sharing this sentiment this week as it feels more like winter than fall in many spots. But fall has arrived to southwest Florida TODAY and it is a welcome arrival. Last week our temperatures were still in the 90s with the heat index breaking 100. So when we drove to church this morning and the thermometer in the van read 61, I was doing the happy dance.

After church we stopped at the church's Pumpkin Patch (which isn't really a patch where you go and literally pick your pumpkin but hey, we're not in Ohio anymore). The kids had already picked out small pumpkins a week or so ago but I just wasn't in mood when we had been there. But today it felt like fall and it seemed like the right place to be. So, we picked up a few small pumpkins and gourds and then came home and pulled out a few fall decoration.
I don't know how long the cooler weather will stay but we'll enjoy it while it's here!

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  1. Kelly so glad that the cupcakes were a hit with the Cub Scouts. What have you been up to lately?! Getting any scrapping done? I can't wait until school is out. We are ready for a break!